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The Organifi Green Juice Review


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  • Ingredients have health benefits based on science
  • Positive results
  • Organic


  • Expensive

Over the years, we have been introduced to many health products, including organic juices. The popularity of health juices has been continuously increasing because of the many benefits it offers. Green and healthy juices can now be found in your favorite local markets and even at coffee shops. There are also many celebrities that endorse these kinds of products in the market.

Magazines, books, and blogs contain many articles and recipes on how to make yummy and healthy organic juice. However, the downside to this is you have to buy several equipment and ingredients, including fruits and vegetables in the market. This health option can be time-consuming, and your ingredients might also be subject to availability in the supermarket.

Lucky for you, there have been companies that produce healthy green juices that can make your life easier. These companies offer health drinks containing all the same nutrients that you want. One of which is the Organifi Green Juice.


What is Organifi Green Juice All About?

The Organifi Green Juice is a powder that when mixed with a smoothie or water, creates a green juice drink that mimics a natural taste of freshly blended juice. This product is made with dried organic ingredients that can be added with water and consume immediately. This drink gives you a superfood nutritional value in just a matter of seconds, without the use of any blending or stirring equipment.

The unique taste of Organifi Green Juice Powder gives you a considerable amount of energy as well as nutrients that your body needs to survive your daily activities. The Organifi Green Juice Powder contains 24 calories per serving with 31 mg of calcium, 2 mg of iron, 5100 mg of alkaline greens, and more. One container of Organifi Green Juice Powder can mix 30 to 36 servings.


Who Created this Organifi Green Juice Product?

The man behind the Organifi Green Juice Powder is Drew Canole who is a self-educated fitness and health expert. He has written several books and has founded the website, Fitlife.TV.

What’s Inside the Organifi Green Juice Powder?

The Organifi Green Juice Powder can be broken down into two blends, namely the Alkaline Green Blends and the Superfood Blend. Overall, the Organifi Green Juice Powder contains eleven essential ingredients that comprise the two types of mixtures in the product.

Alkaline Green Blends

The Alkaline Green Blends contain several ingredients such as Moringa which is used in early medicine to cure ailments, Wheatgrass to help the body fight diabetes and obesity, Chlorella which contains omega fatty acids, Spirulina that helps the body from inflammatory diseases, matcha green tea to reduce stress and boost energy, and lemon to promote weight loss and control appetite.

Super-foods Blend

The Super-foods Blend includes coconut water, Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng, Turmeric, and Red Beet. The coconut water is believed to have many benefits, including being a good source of Vitamin C, fiber, and other minerals.

It is also an antioxidant which helps the body fight high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, and kidney stone. It also helps the body replenish electrolytes and fluids. The Indian Ginseng helps memory and brain function. Turmeric is also an antioxidant. Lastly, the Red Beet has anti-inflammatory contents that help the body improve athletic performance.

All the ingredients found in the Organifi Green Juice Powder are made without soy, gluten, or GMO, so you are assured of it being healthy especially if you are a vegan.


How Does Organifi Green Juice Product Work?

The Organifi Green Juice Powder is believed to work by providing your body with an optimum nutritional boost from the ingredients that compose the product. Here are some of the benefits of this green juice:

–    Support overall health

–    Offer mental clarity

–    Detoxify

–    Improve immune system

–    Promote healthy hair, skin, and nails

–    Lessen stress

–    Time convenience

The Organifi Green Juice Powder can be used as a supplement to your daily diet. If you have no time to prepare your meals, then one serving of Organifi Green Juice Powder can suffice your day. This product is a quick and easy way to fill in your nutritional needs in the most convenient way possible.

The Organifi Green Juice Powder is also a good source to boost your energy level. If you can use this for about a month, you will be able to feel a difference in your daily routine. You can also save a lot of time and money by eliminating your recurring purchases in the supermarket or local stores.

If you try Organifi Green Juice Powder, you will also know that this product is not like other green juice powders. It does not have a sock-like taste. The Organifi Green Juice Powder is a delicious treat for you. If you are not fond of drinking green juice, the Organifi Green Juice Powder can also be used in different recipes such as pudding, power balls, and banana smoothie.

Another great thing about the Organifi Green Juice Powder is that you can buy this product directly on their website. You don’t have to go to the market to have this. The product comes with a money-back guarantee system that can give you a full refund within a particular number of days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Organifi Green Juice – The Pros:

–    Ingredients have health benefits based on science

–    Suitable for vegan

–    Organic

–    Positive results

–    Money-back guarantee

Organifi Green Juice – The Con:

–    Expensive



If you are a busy person that wants to maintain a healthy body yet has limited time to do such activities, then this product is perfect for you. Having Organifi Green Juice Powder can save you some time.

Unlike the traditional way of making healthy juices, this Organifi Green Juice Powder can provide you with the same health benefits in the most convenient way.

By just adding water on to the product, you can already create a green and healthy juice in just a couple of minutes.

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